Replace Your Vehicle's AC Engine Coolant, & Power-Steering Hose

Your vehicle comprises several interconnecting parts, almost all requiring fluids to cool or power many different mechanisms. To store these fluids, you’ll need strong, durable hoses that can withstand everyday wear and tear for years. At Donnelly Automotive Machine, Inc., our team can provide the correct replacement part for domestic, imported, and industrial vehicles. With over 120 years of combined experience, our staff is familiar with all vehicle makes and models to match the compatible hoses for each fluid type. On average, hoses can last four or more years with routine maintenance. If you need a new hose for your vehicle, stop by our auto parts shop in Decatur, IL.

AC Hose Replacement

If you notice low air pressure in your vehicle’s AC unit, one of the most common causes is a leak or tear in the compressor hose. Your AC hose is responsible for transporting refrigerant from the AC compressor to your cooling system. When your hose experiences high-pressured refrigerant or has weakened over time, you’ll notice a lack of cool air blowing through your air vents and possible leakage of freon at the front of your vehicle. Driving with a bad AC hose can cause discomfort in hot weather and expose the inside of your hose to moisture and other contaminants, which causes further damage to your AC system. 

Hydraulic Hose Duplication

Hydraulic hoses transmit fluid to components on your equipment. The wrong-size hydraulic hose or a leak in the rubber can lead to insufficient pressure and poor performance. At Donnelly Automotive Machine, Inc. we offer hydraulic hoses that are specially made to fit your vehicle. At our auto parts shop, we offer a wide range of hydraulic fittings, adapters, and couplers to match perfect. If the hose is worn and fluid leaks from the fitting, it’s important to find a replacement part quickly to prevent further damage. 

Why Your Vehicle Needs Quality Hoses

If your vehicle’s hoses aren’t leaking or broken, why would you need to change them? This is a great question we at Donnelly Automotive often receive from our customers, and we always provide the same answer: to prevent future damage and safety hazards! If your vehicle has over 40,000-60,000 miles and has yet to have any coolant hoses replaced, chances are, the rubber will begin to swell and/or erode from the inside out. To prevent vehicle damage, check your hoses monthly.

Signs of a Bad Hose

Four main hoses carry fluids through your vehicle: a radiator hose, heater hose, fuel hose, and power steering hose. It’s important to recognize which areas of your car aren’t operating efficiently to determine which hose may have a leak or need to be replaced. At Donnelly Automotive Machine, Inc. we offer a complete inventory of hoses for domestic and import vehicles. If you notice these issues with any of the four main hoses, contact us immediately to help you find the right replacement parts.

Technician inspects radiator hose under hood of car - Decatur, IL

Radiator Hose

  • Leaking Coolant
  • Engine Overheating
  • Low Coolant Levels
  • Collapsed Radiator Hose
mechanic checks the fuel hose - Decatur, IL

Fuel Hose

  • Fuel Odor Coming from Vehicle
  • Engine Misfires or Stalls
  • Fuel Leaking from Vehicle
  • Cracks Along Fuel Hose Line
power steering fluid inside the engine - Decatur, IL

Power Steering Hose

  • Car Becomes Hard to Steer
  • Fluid Leaks Under Vehicle
  • Low Power Steering Fluid
  • Loud Grinding Noise When Turning Wheel
temperature control hoses for car - heater hose, air conditioning - Decatur, IL

Heater Hose

  • Steam Coming from Under Hood
  • Temperature Gage is High
  • Not Heat in Your Vehicle
  • Low Coolant Levels