Auto Parts

High-Quality Auto Parts for Your Vehicle in Decatur, IL

When your vehicle needs a part, look no further than  Donnelly Automotive Machine, Inc. in Decatur, IL. We are the #1 choice for residential and commercial vehicle owners since 1955. Our company works with the leading manufacturers, including CARQUEST Auto Parts, for exclusive access to over 800,000 car parts for all vehicle makes and models. We have a full line of domestic and imported car and truck products available for our customers to choose from, along with trained technicians that can conveniently help you find the right parts. For high-quality auto parts, get in touch with us today at (217) 428-7414.

Domestic Car & Truck Parts

Let’s face it, buying car parts for vehicles can be expensive. However, the more exclusive your vehicle is, the harder and pricier it can be to purchase replacement parts when needing repairs. Donnelly Automotive Machine, Inc. offers affordable domestic car and truck parts for vehicle owners. We partner with CARQUEST Auto Parts to have quick access to all major manufacturers of domestic car parts for any repair needed on your domestic vehicle. Most special orders are available overnight. 

Imported Car & Truck Parts

An imported vehicle is one that has come from another country into the U.S. and can legally be operated on our roadways. Many collectors and vehicle aficionados own imported cars and trucks that eventually require repair. Fortunately, many everyday replacement parts are available. At Donnelly Automotive Machine, Inc., we work with CARQUEST Auto Parts and World PAC to make parts available to our customers, including imported vehicles. If you have an imported vehicle that needs a replacement part, call us today at (217) 428-7414.

Heavy Duty Truck Parts

From pick-up trucks to industrial equipment, Donnelly Automotive Machine, Inc. offers a wide range of heavy-duty parts for your larger vehicles in Decatur, IL. From brake repair parts, water pumps, and belts, our shop offers a wide range of auto parts for our customers. We offer manufacturer warranties for peace of mind. Whether your truck needs a lug nut or a headlight, shop with us, and we’ll guarantee quality parts for your vehicle. 

Car Maintenance Supplies

Maintaining your vehicle is the only way to ensure it will last for decades. From wiper blade replacement and antifreeze solutions to lubricant for your engine, Donnelly Automotive Machine, Inc. in Decatur, IL has shelves of car maintenance supplies for you to choose from. Taking care of your vehicle is more than just an oil change or car wash; internal components must be professionally maintained to prevent repairs and keep you safe on the road. Stop by our shop Monday-Saturday to stock up on essential car maintenance supplies for your passenger or industrial vehicle.

Headlights & Safety Lighting

Having a headlight or safety light on your vehicle cannot only impose legal trouble with local law enforcement but can also impair your vision and safety on the road. At Donnelly Automotive Machine, Inc. we offer hundreds of headlights and safety light options for all vehicle makes and models to get you back on the road the same day. Many headlights can last anywhere from 450-1000 hours (or 4-5 years) of use before needing to be replaced. Our store in Decatur, IL is open six days a week, so stop by to purchase your replacement bulbs and lamps.