Get Battery Replacement & Testing Services in Decatur, IL

Just like an engine is the heart of your vehicle, think of the battery as the food or energy source needed to get your car in motion. Without a strong battery, your car will feel sluggish and only operate at a minimal capacity until it refuses to start entirely. At Donnelly Automotive Machine, Inc., we offer battery testing services for all vehicle makes and models in Decatur, IL. We work with CARQUEST Auto Parts, allowing us to provide DieHard Brand: Platinum, Gold, Silver, and AGM batteries at competitive prices.  

Battery Replacement

Your car’s battery is a critical part of operating many electrical components in your vehicle. When your battery gives out, you’ll have difficulty starting the engine, lighting issues, and electrical malfunctions that must be addressed as quickly as possible. At Donnelly Automotive Machine, Inc., we offer new batteries for residential and commercial cars. A high-powered battery is essential to the safety and efficiency of your vehicle. From operating the windshield wipers and stereo system to turning on the lights and powering the alternator, you’ll need a battery that can last for at least 3 years. When you notice a battery issue, don’t delay a visit to our store for professional assistance. 

Battery Testing

When your car doesn’t start, the most common reason is due to a dead battery. To confirm this, Donnelly Automotive Machine, Inc. offers battery testing services to determine the voltage and electric current produced by your car battery. Any low voltage ratings are confirmed, and a simple battery replacement will get you back on the road in no time. But how exactly does a battery testing service work? It’s actually quite simple. We use industry-approved equipment that includes positive and negative contact connected to a tested gauge that reflects the level of your battery’s charge. If you have any questions, please contact our professional and courteous staff.

Signs Your Vehicle Needs a New Battery

Car batteries are only built to last every 3-5 years. When your car begins to feel sluggish or if you notice dim lights on your dashboard, then it may be time for a new battery. Luckily, several signs are common of a failing battery many car owners notice before bringing it into the shop. At Donnelly Automotive Machine, Inc., we offer testing services to determine the efficiency of your vehicle’s battery. If you notice the following issues with your vehicle, it may be in need of a replacement:

  • The Engine Crank Won’t Start
  • Slow Starting Engine
  • Dim Lights & Electrical Issues
  • The Check Engine Lights Is On
  • Bad Smells Under the Hood
  • Corroded Connector Terminals
  • Your Battery is Over 3-5 Years Old
  • Your Battery Case Has Been Damaged