Protect Your Vehicle With Auto Part Warranties in Decatur, IL

Our Auto Parts Are Backed by Warranties

Donnelly Automotive Machine, Inc. is proud to offer high-quality auto parts backed by manufacturer warranties. Any part purchased at CARQUEST in Decatur, IL or throughout North America can submit a warranty claim to have a vehicle pair exchanged free of charge. While certain requirements come with utilizing a warranty at our store, we are here to make sure our customers know how to go about the process. You can claim replacement parts with a warranty that meets the following requirements: 

  • The part was purchased at a CARQUEST Auto Parts store.
  • The customer has original proof of purchase.
  • The part fails within the manufacturer’s warranty period.
  • The part must be returned to the original CARQUEST store if the customer is within a 50-mile radius.
  • If the part is a brand not normally carried by the store honoring the guarantee, the part will be replaced with a comparable brand carried by that store.
  • Any part with an invoice price of $200 or more will require CARQUEST Distribution Center approval.

Choose Donnelly Automotive Machine, Inc. for Reliable Warranties

Your vehicle is an important investment. When you need immediate parts or machine build services, having a warranty on your vehicle ensures its safety and longevity. Donnelly Automotive Machine, Inc. offers reliable manufacturer warranties for all parts purchased at any CARQUEST Auto Parts store. Our team cares about the safety of your family and your investments; give us a call to learn more about our products and warranty options in Decatur, IL.