Auto Machine Shop Services

Get Back on the Road With Auto Machine Shop Services
in Decatur, IL

Donnelly Automotive Machine, Inc. has been one of the leading auto machine shops in Decatur, IL since 1955.

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Our Auto Machine Shop Services

With over 120+ years of combined experience, there’s nothing our mechanics can’t do to get your car back on the road. Browse through our list of machine shop services to see how Donnelly Automotive Machine, Inc. can restore your vehicle.

  • Degrease Blocks
  • Bore & Finish Hone
  • Mill Block
  • Line Bore
  • Install Cam Bearings
  • Cylinder Head Repair
  • Complete Valve Jobs
  • Connecting Rod Repair
  • Flywheel Resurfacing
  • Kingpin Fitting
  • Press U Joints
  • Press Axle & Hub Bearings
  • Turn Brake Drums & Rotors
  • Brake Shoe & Band Lining
  • Helicoils Installation
  • Crankshaft Grinding & Polishing
  • Milling Intake & Exhaust Manifolds

Bore Engine Block

A bore is the diameter measurement of the cylinders in an engine. When the engine cylinder walls are damaged, the cylinder must be enlarged to make it bigger for proper performance. This is referred to as a bored engine. Boring an engine is an economical alternative to buying a new engine and will ensure your vehicle runs at peak conditions once repaired. At Donnelly Automotive Machine, Inc. we offer engine boring services for passenger vehicles, trucks, and industrial equipment at our auto machine shop in Decatur, IL. Investing in engine boring will save you money on future repairs, and improve overall performance.

Brake Drum & Rotor Resurfacing

Brake drums and rotors are not built to last several decades. Unfortunately, each time you step on your brake pedal, these parts slowly wear down until they need to be replaced. For this reason, Donnelly Automotive Machine, Inc. offers brake drum and rotor resurfacing services to restore the surface without replacing them. If your brake rotors or drums have sufficient metal remaining with no hard spots, cracks, severe grooving, or rusting, then resurfacing is a great option. Our shop will remove any corroded material, and uneven wear to create smoother braking and increased safety on the road. To learn more about our brake and rotor resurfacing services, get in touch with us today in Decatur, IL.

U-Joint Replacement

A clunking or clicking sound from underneath your car may indicate a worn-out universal joint, otherwise known as a U-joint. Although easy to repair, most auto shops do not press U-joints due to a lack of the necessary machinery and expertise. At Donnelly Automotive Machine, Inc. our machine shop has the proper tools and experience to perform U-joint for your Decatur, IL vehicle. If your vehicle has a dislocated driveshaft, vibrates when accelerating, or has a ringing sound when shifting from drive to reverse, contact our shop for a U-joint replacement.

Milling Cylinder Heads & Cracked Engine Heads

At Donnelly Automotive Machine, Inc. we provide inspections and repairs to a cylinder head. A cracked head is a serious engine problem that can lead to your car breaking down, emitting poor performance, or refusing to start. Our auto machine shop has the experience and technology to mill your cylinder heads to remove excess material and create a flat surface for proper sealing. Before milling can be done, our team will inspect your engine head to make sure there aren’t any cracks present. If you suspect your engine head is cracked, you may notice the following issues: oil leaks, low engine compression, coolant leaks, overheating engine, or engine misfiring. For professional repair on your cylinder and engine heads, contact our team in Decatur, IL.

Valve Jobs

A valve job reestablishes the seal on worn intake or exhaust valve seats within your engine. When your engine is overheating, your vehicle has excessive RPMs and high miles, or the material surrounding your valves is deteriorating, a valve job is recommended to restore the efficiency and safety of your passenger car or truck. Donnelly Automotive Machine, Inc. has decades of experience performing valve jobs on all vehicle makes and models to get you back on the road as quickly and safely as possible. Please call ahead to get an estimate!

Part Cleaning Services

The first step in the engine process is to have all the components thoroughly cleaned and de-greased. Getting the engine block prepared for Cam Bearings installation includes cleaning ALL oil passages.

If you are ready, we are here to help get your motor running!